Health Professions Education Conference


What is the Health Professions Education Conference – HPEC? 

HPEC is an annual, intramural conference provided by the UH JABSOM Office of Medical Education to celebrate the wide array of innovations and initiatives in medical education occurring across the spectrum of undergraduate and graduate health professions education as well as faculty development. We welcome submissions for posters, oral presentations, and workshops relevant to our vibrant medical education community, including the work of our students and trainees.

Health Professions Education Conference 2024
Cultivating Excellence: Building Essential Skills in Health Professions Education

Previous years of HPEC

Boosting Professionalism and Excellence in Health Professions Education

February 12, 2022

Student Poster Presenter Award Winners:

Tie for Best Posters:

  • A Unique Student Cohort’s Perceptions and Preferences about Gross Anatomy Education in the Medical Curriculum: JABSOM Student Survey 2020
    Presenter: Collin Liang, MS2
  • Teledoulas: Medical Students’ Experiences Providing Remote Support for Abortion Patients
    Presenters: Morgan Liu, MS4; Lauren Claypoole, MS4

Tie for Best Posters – Runner Ups:

  • Got Food? Food Accessibility Across Oahu’s Moku
    Presenters: Chloe Asato, MS2; Nicholas Siu-Li, MS2; Melissa Gozun, MS2
  • Hawai‘i Rural Health Program: Shaping the Next Generation of Rural Doctors
    Presenter: Amandalin Rock, MS4; Erin NaPier, MS4; Christina Tse, MS3

Professionalism and Resiliency During Challenging Times

February 13, 2021

Student Poster Presenter Award Winners:

  • Matthew Camacho, MS2 – Top Presenter
    • “Knowledge of Business Practices in Healthcare: The Overlooked Non-Technical Skills in General Surgery Residency Training”
  • Rylie Wada, Enze Ma and Royce Kwon, MS2s – Runner-Up Presenters
    • “Docs Talk Story’: A Novel Way of Using Podcasts to Provide Insight into Career Options for Medical Students”
  • Brandan Sakka, MS3 – Runner-Up Presenter
    • “Medical Student Long-Term Skill Retention Following Cardiac Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training Based on the American Society of Echocardiography Curriculum Framework”

Focused on the Future of Health Professions Education

February 15, 2020

Student Poster Presenter Award Winners:

  • Nicole Nakamatsu, MS1
    • “Hypothesis-Driven Gross Anatomy Learning for Brain and Cranial Cavity Dissection using MRI Imaging of Cadavers and Delivered Utilizing XR-Web Technology”
  • Brandan Sakka, MS2
    • “The American Society of Echocardiography Cardiac Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum for Pre-Clinical Medical Students: A Pilot Study”

February 16, 2019


The main goals of this conference are to:

  • Provide a forum for health professions faculty to deliver and receive faculty development relevant to their role as teachers
  • Provide a forum for the presentation of peer-reviewed projects in education research and curriculum development
  • Raise awareness of educational innovations at different health profession schools
  • Promote interaction and collaboration between schools, departments and offices involved in health professions education

Poster Award Winners (3 way tie):

  • William Harris and Nicole Anzai
    • 2nd year medical students
    • “Survey and Curriculum Development of Medical Students’ LGBTQ Cultural Competency”
  • Taryn Miyake and Andrew Pham
    • 2nd year medical students
    • “Improving Nurse Communication Using I-PASS Handoff Bundle”
  • Keahi Horowitz
    • 4th year medical student
    • “Student Perceptions and Satisfaction with Problem Based Learning”

Promoting Innovation, Integration and Engagement

February 3, 2018

Poster Award Winners:

  • Jack Branston for Best Poster Presentation by a Student
    4th year medical student
    “Novel Use of T-NOTECHS to Assess In-Situ Pediatric Trauma Team Training”
  • Nash Witten for Best Poster Presentation by a Resident
    UH Family Medicine Residency Program
    “UH JABSOM Medical Students Assist in TB Control in the Marshall Islands”
  • Samina Ahsan for Best Poster Presentation by a Faculty Member
    Department of Geriatric Medicine
    “Development and Evaluation of a “Geri-Lab” Experience for Medical Students at the University of Hawaii”
Promoting Excellence in Health Professions Education

February 27, 2016