Creative Pedagogy Award

Creative Pedagogy Award


The HMSA Center for Learning Innovation Creative Pedagogy Award

Now accepting applications for AY 2024-2025! Deadline to apply is February 5, 2024.


The HMSA Center for Learning Innovation (CLI) is the JABSOM Office of Medical Education’s home for innovation, collaboration, and support for cutting edge work in health professions education. As one of its first initiatives, the CLI welcomes applications to compete for an award of up to 3,000 USD for medical education innovation projects within the UH JABSOM system.

What We’re Looking For

  • Selection Criteria
    • nnovativeness: Does it disrupt or deviate from conventional teaching modalities in a meaningful way?
    • Rationale: Do the applicants provide a clear rationale for why this innovative pedagogy may be effective for the target learners? For example, even if it is not well studied, do they tie their approach to existing evidence, or supportive educational theories?
      - If technology is involved, is it justified? Is there a logical link from the educational need, underlying theory, and/or learning objectives of the project that support the use of this technology?
    • Feasibility: Do the applicants demonstrate consideration of factors that may impact implementation?
    • Sustainability: Is the project sustainable? Is the project designed with the intent and ability to continue the innovation beyond the year of the award? Is there a plan to be without need for additional funds, or a plan to identify alternative funding, after the award year ends?
    • Appropriate Evaluation: Is there a sound plan for measuring the effectiveness or impact of the innovation?
    • Collaboration: Projects involving two or more faculty, or faculty and resident or student mentee(s) may be deemed preferable to those by a single faculty, though all applications will be considered.

Who can apply

We hope to support the projects of early to mid-career faculty, or projects in which a faculty member is mentoring a trainee or student. At least one team member must be UH JABSOM affiliated faculty, and may be “compensated” or “non-compensated” faculty. Subject matter can be from anywhere under the umbrella of medical education, including clinical medicine, basic science, psychosocial, communication, humanism, community engagement, and more.

Application and Deadline

  • Timeline
    • We will be offering up to two awards for the 2024-2025 academic year. Applications are due Monday, February 5, 2024. Awards will be announced in mid-March, 2024. (Of note, for projects involving medical students, our goal is to provide sufficient time to plan accordingly for MD5 summer electives).
      Please submit all submission documents to Ms. Kori-Jo Kochi ( , with a subject line beginning, “CREATIVE PEDAGOGY SUBMISSION”.
  • Application Components
    • In order to be considered, applications must include the following portions:
      Application Proposal Form (click link, then choose File —> Download)
      Budget Form (click link, then choose File —> Download))
      -  (Optional but encouraged) Brief letter of support from relevant leadership, i.e. course director, residency program director, clinical site leader, who may need to facilitate or approve of the project for it to succeed

Award Details

  • Selection of Awards
    • The selection committee will consist of volunteer faculty working in association with the CLI. Each proposal will be reviewed by multiple committee members based on standard criteria as above.
  • Expectations of Awardees
    • Upon receipt of the award, awardees are required to meet at least once with the Center to consult on their project prior to the release of funds.
      A minimum of one additional meeting at approximately six months into the award period is expected to ensure the project is achieving its goals. Failure to engage in a work-in-progress midway meeting may result in withholding of additional funds.
      Awardees are entitled to additional consultations ad hoc regarding educational, technologic, and research techniques as applicable.
      Awardees are expected to present their work at JABSOM OME’s annual Health Professions Education Conference, an OME Medical Education Grand Rounds, and/or analogous showcase of their work.
      Awardees will be asked to respond to a survey sent a year following their award period to help us determine the ongoing impact of awarded projects.
  • Amount and Duration of Support
    • The awarded funds can be used any time within the academic year of the award. Funding may support:
      • Software, web-based subscriptions, or technologic hardware designated in perpetuity to grant project (see caveats below)
      • Reusable physical materials such as props, costumes, crafts supplies, game pieces, etc
      • Labor for undergraduate and graduate students, not to exceed 50% of requested funds
      • External contractors or administrative work
      • Travel to collect data / resources
      • Dissemination activities such as conference presentations (not to exceed ˜50% of funds
    • Funding may not support:
      • Continued website or software subscriptions if these require repeated payments beyond the year of the award to be sustainable (initial subscriptions are acceptable for no more than 25% of requested support funds – to be used as leverage to secure departmental/external funds). If such a subscription is only needed in the first year and may be discontinued after the initial development of the innovation, please make this clear in your application.
      • Purchase of laptops or other equipment that will primarily be put toward personal use after the project year. Equipment that will either remain dedicated to the program or will be personally owned but continue to strongly facilitate the team’s ability to sustain the project will be considered acceptable on case-by-case basis.
      • Salary support for faculty running the project

Congratulations to the winners of the HMSA CLI’s first annual Creative Pedagogy Award!
Our winners are…
  • Street Medicine Training Curriculum in the JABSOM Department of Family Medicine and Community Health”.
    Dr. Patty Tran, Ms. Cynthia Kim, Dr. Rob Carlisle, Dr. David Siemann, and Dr. Cherisse Kawamura.


  • Streamlining the Generation of Neurology Exam Animations for Teaching and Assessment”.
    Dr. J. Douglas Miles, Mr. Jordan Peterson (MS2).

These projects were chosen based on their sound design, creativity, and long-term sustainability to benefit learners in the UH JABSOM system. This award is among the first initiatives under the HMSA Center for Learning Innovation (CLI). The Office of Medical Education will provide each awarded team up to $3,000 for their medical education innovation projects.