Med Ed Journal Club Pau Hana

Quarterly Med Ed Pau Hana Series


Journal Club attendees sitting at tables discussing a journal article.


On a quarterly basis, the CLI holds a medical education journal club at various locations on and off campus. All JABSOM affiliated faculty are invited to participate. Light refreshments are provided.

This event provides not only a chance to develop faculty’s skills in appraising and creating medical education scholarship, but also to network and encounter likeminded colleagues across silos of health systems, UME and GME, and medical specialties.

In its first year, the pau hana series highlights have included an actual group manuscript review for the Journal of Graduate Medical Education as well as a DEIJ-themed pau hana led by local experts in DEIJ education from multiple specialties. 

The best way to hear about future Med Ed Journal Pau Hanas is to reach out to Kori-Jo at to sign up for our Medical Education Grand Rounds listserv, which also advertises the Pau Hana events.

See you there!