Vision & Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statement


OME Vision:

To inspire students and develop highly competent and compassionate physicians for the people of Hawaiʻi and the Pacific.

OME Mission Statement:

OME is committed to medical education, professional development, scholarship and community engagement to produce equitable, quality medical care for the residents of Hawai’i and the Pacific.

  • Student Education (medical, international, pathway)
    • Be leaders in medical education
    • Institute best educational practices and utilize sound pedagogical approaches
    • Serve as student advocates
    • Be inspiring and innovative teachers
    • Create supportive learning environments
    • Develop resilient, adaptable, critical thinkers
  • Professional Development in Medical Education
    • Increase and enhance knowledge, competence, and performance to optimize student outcomes
    • Assess and provide opportunities to address the educational needs of JABSOM faculty
  • Scholarship
    • Promote and disseminate educational innovations and research
    • Approach teaching and evaluation in an ethical and scholarly manner
  • Community engagement
    • Be sensitive and responsive to the needs of the community
    • Collaborate with health care systems, community organizations, other health professions and JABSOM ohana/other parts of JABSOM
    • Provide/coordinate opportunities for service learning