Kauai Medical Training Track

Kauai Medical Training Track



The Kaua’i Medical Training Track (KMTT) at JABSOM is a rural training track centered on the island of Kaua’i and consists of six students within each incoming class.  This program offers a unique longitudinal opportunity for students to live and train within the Kaua’i community for several months throughout all four years of medical school with a particular focus on the healthcare needs of Kaua’i patients.  

On-island Experiences:

During the preclinical first and second years of medical school, students will participate in several months of PBL tutoring and clinical skills development with on-island faculty, as well as additional service learning opportunities throughout Kaua’i.

During the clinical third and fourth years of medical school, students will live on Kaua’i for their outpatient clerkship semester and several additional clinical rotations and electives.

Program Benefits:

Four-year tuition scholarships are awarded to all students in the KMTT.  Housing and transportation while on Kaua’i are also provided by the program  One of the primary goals of the program is to help address physician shortages in underserved areas, and graduates of the KMTT are committed to practicing medicine on Kaua’i in the four years following residency training.

The Kaua’i Medical Training Track would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative for their very generous donation to this program.

Application to the Kaua’i Medical Training Track is offered to all candidates who receive an invitation to interview for admission at JABSOM.

For any questions about the Kaua’i Medical Training Track, please feel free to contact Dr. Travis Hong via email at travhong@hawaii.edu

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