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Entry IDProject TitleApplication Deadline:
40Irene and Eric Simon (IES) Brain Research05/30/2017
39Obstetrics and gynecology, Maternal Fetal08/31/2013
38Selenoproteins, antioxidant enzymes in human disease05/30/2017
37Regulation of cell survival and apoptosis (programmed cell death) by cell adhesion06/30/2017
36Integrin-related signaling and cadiac apoptosis05/30/2017
35Psychiatry Research08/31/2013
34Various research in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin05/30/2017
33The role of the ABCC6 pathway in pathological calcification06/30/2017
32Broad areas in pathology06/30/2017
31Cardiovascular Research08/30/2017
30Basic cadiovascular research05/30/2017
29Neurophysiology of dopamine and methamphetamine abuse06/30/2017
28Education initiatives to disseminate biomedical expertise and experience05/30/2017
27MD5 Projects in Neuropharmacology and Alzheimer's disease05/30/2017
26National Children's Study (Community Engagement); Music and hypertension (clinical trial)05/30/2017
25Developmental Biology, renal and craniofacial morphogenesis08/31/2013
24Fertility, sperm chromatin05/30/2017
23Substance abuse and Pregnancy08/31/2013
22Immunology of atherosclerosis08/31/2013
21Methamphetamine socioeconomic impact in Hawaii05/20/2017
20Molecular Imaging and Micro mechanical Analysis of Vulnerable Plaque08/31/2013
19Ultrasound Enhanced Drug Delivery08/31/2013
18Cultural competency in healthcare/medicine02/28/2013
17SmarTummy - prototype model of a programmable manikin that can replicate various disease states of the human abdomen10/01/2013
16Ultrasound, Quantitative Ultrasound10/01/2013
15Outcomes following radiotherapy, translational collaboration10/01/2013
14A retrospective study on vitrectomy rate in a Honolulu based cataract surgical center07/01/2013
13Incidence of CNS/Brain non-specific T2 lesions in the under age 50 outpatient population in Hawaii.10/01/2013
12The Monofixation Syndrome--Is it stable?10/01/2013
11Role of insulin signaling on cell survival in cardiac myocytes03/15/2013
10The effect of adding pre-operative topical 1% Atropine to small pupil eyes for cataract surgery07/01/2013
9A comparison between oral Valium and intrevenous Versed in sedation during cataract surgery07/01/2013
8Clinical Genetics paper writting project- various07/18/2019
7N.E.W. Keiki - Nutrition + Exercise + Weight Management Programs: Family-based Intervention to Combat Childhood Obesity in Hawai‘i01/01/2017
6Pharmacology - biochemistry and biophysics06/30/2017
5N.E.W. Keiki–Nutrition+Exercise+Weight Management Programs: Family-based Intervention to Combat Childhood Obesity in Hawaii01/01/2017
4Trauma Research05/04/2016
3Clinical Research in Alzheimer's Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson's, Epilepsy, Memory Loss, Neurorehabilitation and other related neurological topics12/30/2016
2arious projects in clinical & molecular microbiology05/19/2017
1Medical Student Training in Aging Research (MSTAR) Program01/31/2017
Entry IDProject TitleApplication Deadline: